Who Are We

Businesses choose us because conventional IT companies do not serve their purpose, our services do.
We have a great history in delivering productive IT solutions. Edgewaveserve covers every facet of IT support and associated services, from 24/7 helpdesk and onsite support to cloud migration and virtualization.
What sets us apart is our methodical approach. We make your business efficient and productive by comprehending your goals and vision and how our IT support services can help you accomplish them. Edgewaveserve Advantage, a business consultancy service provides a deep understanding of how technology can be implemented to attain its goal at the enterprise level.
Moreover, we stand ahead in the crowd because our interests are always positioned with the interests of our clients. All this is possible due to our individuality from third-party companies and applications, the complete IT audit we perform before starting every association, and by delivering unrestricted IT support at a fixed-rate agreement.

IT Support

IT SUPPORT OVERVIEW : The IT support services are designed to augment business productivity and effectiveness. It has progressed over our journey of 14 years and now encompasses.

OUTSOURCED IT SUPPORT : Our outsourced IT support team is focused on providing a complete package of IT support to our Australian clients.

ONSITE AND REMOTE IT SUPPORT SERVICES : Onsite and Remote IT Support Services: We provide quick and proficient IT support services 24/7. We are always there for you to get to the bottom of any technical issues in your business operations.

IT INFRASTRUCTURE ASSET MANAGEMENT : Handling your technology assets is the key feature of the IT support services we provide. We start by keeping a record of your IT estate along with all desktop and server hardware and software, your network infrastructure and warranties. After the check is complete, we analyze if any fundamental is missing from the IT infrastructure and identify the problems that may occur in future. Doing so, we can design the appropriate infrastructure asset management plan for our clients.

IT Services

IT SERVICES OVERVIEW : In addition to our IT support services, we have an array of IT services which include.

IT AUDITS : We provide organized IT audits for our new clients. The audits are also offered on an individual consultancy basis. We carry out a strict review of your IT systems and applications, and also analyze your business, its key drivers and how IT cooperate with them. We provide a comprehensive written report for all the conducted audits highlighting the areas of concern.

Cloud Computing

CLOUD COMPUTING OVERVIEW : Cloud computing provides numerous benefits over other applications on a particular server.

CLOUD COMPUTING : We implement the cloud solutions as per our client’s needs. We deliver you the best-of- breed cloud solutions with our logical approach and consulting services.

CLOUD APPLICATIONS : We have expertise in providing various cloud applications and migrations, and can assist your business operations with cost-effective cloud solutions and boost business efficiency and profitability.

Web Services

WEB SERVICES OVERVIEW : We bring together the knowledge and proficiency required to maintain communication with businesses.

WEB DESIGN : We offer complete website development to businesses giving them a proper online presentation.

WEB HOSTING : Keeping abreast of latest web hosting developments, we help you make the most of your website.