IT Support

IT SUPPORT OVERVIEW : The IT support services are designed to augment business productivity and effectiveness. It has progressed over our journey of 14 years and now encompasses.

OUTSOURCED IT SUPPORT : Our outsourced IT support team is focused on providing a complete package of IT support to our Australian clients.

ONSITE AND REMOTE IT SUPPORT SERVICES : Onsite and Remote IT Support Services: We provide quick and proficient IT support services 24/7. We are always there for you to get to the bottom of any technical issues in your business operations.

IT INFRASTRUCTURE ASSET MANAGEMENT : Handling your technology assets is the key feature of the IT support services we provide. We start by keeping a record of your IT estate along with all desktop and server hardware and software, your network infrastructure and warranties. After the check is complete, we analyze if any fundamental is missing from the IT infrastructure and identify the problems that may occur in future. Doing so, we can design the appropriate infrastructure asset management plan for our clients.

Improving productivity and profitability

We handle the asset balance of our customer’s equipment and services and combine it with our monitoring, operational, and billing systems providing them with all the characteristics of their IT operations

We also add future assets and services to the database to estimate future costs and plan budgets. We account for the actual costs and variances against the budget in the fiscal year. This is how our infrastructure asset management is linked with your IT strategies.

We provide tailored and comprehensive IT infrastructure asset management. Our proposals are based on client’s business requirements. We make your business efficient, productive, and profitable.

COMPUTER MAINTENANCE AND MONITORING : IT system failures can be prevented with proper computer maintenance and monitoring. We blend automated enterprise-class systems with regular human checklists to reduce downtime. These processes are handled by a highly- experienced and devoted team.

IT SUPPLIER MANAGEMENT : We are trusted consultants for our clients. It’s our duty to reorganize your IT systems and the business operations that are dependent on them.
From ISP to software and licensing, we choose to manage the associations. We also diversify our IT supplier management to guidance on software selection, configuration, development, and integration. These vary from designing specifications to attending meetings with third parties and monitoring their growth.

IT ACCOUNT MANAGEMENT SERVICES : Planned IT account management is the basis of our IT support services, and every business has a committed account manager.

Commercial Focus

After you become a edgewaveserve client, the foremost thing we do is we analyze the operations and the significant commercial drivers of your business.

This enables us to plan the complete strategy and then design the blueprint for systems that can simplify and improve your business processes.

We conduct frequent reviews of performance and budget as transparency is crucial in forming a trusted affiliation with clients.

Support and Strategy

Our IT account management services are available 24/7. Our detailed reporting adds value to your business operations. We also make use of the reports in identifying the loopholes in our services and your IT systems.