IT Services

IT SERVICES OVERVIEW : In addition to our IT support services, we have an array of IT services which include.

IT AUDITS : We provide organized IT audits for our new clients. The audits are also offered on an individual consultancy basis. We carry out a strict review of your IT systems and applications, and also analyze your business, its key drivers and how IT cooperate with them. We provide a comprehensive written report for all the conducted audits highlighting the areas of concern.

REMOTE WORKING : edgewaveserve works with companies based in multiple locations and helps them put their best foot forward.

Reaping the benefits of remote working, we designed an organized process to facilitate remote working while concentrating on the security of critical information through a server, laptop, and email encryption.

There are several technical ways for initiating remote working. The fundamental is to select the appropriate alternative for your business.

IT RELOCATION : Businesses often misjudge the extent of planning needed while moving offices. Moving offices is not only hectic but also costs a hefty amount. edgewaveserve can assist you during the IT relocation procedure from scratch to finish.

Firstly, we design an IT relocation checklist which includes everything you need to take into account, from the infrastructure of an old building to set up a new floor and electric wiring.

We see IT relocation as a prospect to assist you in restructuring your IT infrastructure making it more resourceful and commercial.

BUSINESS CONTINUITY AND DISASTER RECOVERY : Our business continuity and disaster recovery provide safety against any outcome before, throughout or after its occurrence.

IT INFRASTRUCTURE UPGRADES : With technology advancements, companies also transform their IT infrastructure to stay ahead in the competitive market. We do not commit to any particular product or service, and our individuality reflects our impartial guidance.

IT SOFTWARE & HARDWARE : Offering strategic and cost-effective IT support services means having a thorough understanding of IT software and hardware while being self-regulating. That stability we have established at edgewaveserve.

You need not work with any other company other than edgewaveserve when in need of IT software and hardware. We are resellers for a broad range of IT software and hardware products, including

We do more than just helping you choose the right products for you. We will help you to have a better understanding of all IT software and hardware pricing models and find you the module that will offer the best results for your business.

VIRTUALIZATION SERVICES : Well-organized virtualization adds flexibility to your business, produces visible cost-savings and enhances scalability.

The problem with multiple servers

Companies operating on outdated solutions end up with a horde of expensive, inefficient servers as traditionally each such server only runs one application. As a consequence, firms are not able to utilize the server's full capacity that results in considerable losses of time and cost.

How server virtualization solves this problem

Server Virtualization fragments a physical server's information and resources into a cluster of 'virtual machines' that act as self-contained virtual servers while collaboratively sharing resources from the physical servers.

Our virtualization services would enable you to have your own servers, and IT infrastructure installed safely and securely managed from distant locations.

We are industry-leading experts in the virtualization space, and we deliver quality solutions and unprecedented value in all major virtualization platforms including VMware, Xen, and Microsoft Hyper V.